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What is a Blue Zone?

A “Blue Zone” refers to regions of the world where people have a much higher than average chance of living a significantly longer life. The concept was popularized by Dan Buettner, an explorer and writer who, in collaboration with National Geographic and a team of demographers and researchers, identified and studied these areas.

The term “Blue Zone” emerged from the blue ink used to circle these areas on a map during their research. Buettner and his team identified five regions that were initially classified as Blue Zones:

  1. Okinawa, Japan: Home to the world’s longest-lived women.
  2. Sardinia, Italy: Particularly a mountainous region where men significantly outpace the average male life expectancy.
  3. Loma Linda, California: A community of Seventh-day Adventists where members live 10 years longer than the average North American.
  4. Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica: A region with a high number of centenarians.
  5. Ikaria, Greece: An island with one of the world’s lowest rates of middle-age mortality and dementia.

In these Blue Zones, researchers found common lifestyle characteristics that contributed to the residents’ longevity. These include a plant-based diet, regular physical activity, strong social connections, a sense of purpose, and low stress levels. The concept of Blue Zones has since been used in public health and well-being initiatives to help improve lifestyle habits for increased longevity.

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Decoding Happiness & Longevity

The current life expectancy for a newborn in the United States hovers around 78.2 years. Yet, in a striking contrast, this year has seen more than 70,000 Americans reaching the remarkable age of 100. This phenomenon poses an intriguing question: What distinguishes these centenarians from the average American?

To delve into this mystery, Dan Buettner joined forces with National Geographic, embarking on a global journey to identify areas with extraordinarily long-lived populations. This exploration was guided by insights from the Danish Twin Study, which indicates that only about 20% of a person’s lifespan is influenced by genetics. Thus, Buettner’s focus was primarily on the lifestyle and environmental aspects.

In collaboration with demographers, Buettner sought out global hotspots characterized by the highest life expectancies and a notable prevalence of centenarians. This research into the lifestyles of the world’s oldest individuals provides a unique window into the practices and environments conducive to a longer, healthier life.

A study revealed Only 20% of a person’s lifespan is influenced by genetics.

That means you have a say in how long you live and how happy you can be.

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We’re leading the way in lifestyle changes that have proven to increase longevity and happiness. 

THE POWER 9 Found in the Blue Zones

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Nine Key Lifestyle Traits of the Planet’s Most Vigorous and Long-Living Populations

In their exploration of the world’s healthiest and longest-lived individuals, they identified nine critical lifestyle habits that stand out. These habits, which we refer to as the “Vital Nine,” are essential for anyone seeking a healthier, more vibrant life, especially those on their weight loss journey with Focus Medical Weight Loss.

  1. Natural Movement: Incorporate physical activity into your daily routine in a natural way. This doesn’t necessarily mean structured exercise routines, but rather choosing to walk, garden, or perform other physical tasks throughout the day. Click here to learn more. 
  2. Purposeful Living: Understand your sense of purpose. This can be as simple as recognizing what brings you joy and fulfillment, and actively incorporating those elements into your life. Click here to learn more.
  3. Stress Reduction Strategies: Develop techniques to manage stress effectively. This could include mindfulness practices, spending time in nature, or engaging in hobbies that relax the mind and body. Click here to learn more.
  4. Healthy Eating Habits: Emphasize a plant-based diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins. Moderation in eating, especially in terms of portion size, is also crucial. Click here to learn more.
  5. Moderate Alcohol Consumption: If you choose to drink alcohol, do so in moderation. A balanced approach to alcohol can be part of a healthy lifestyle when done responsibly. Click here to learn more.
  6. Belonging to a Community: Engage in social groups or communities that share your values or interests. This sense of belonging can significantly impact mental and emotional well-being. Click here to learn more.
  7. Prioritizing Family: Put family and loved ones first. Strong family ties can provide emotional support and contribute to a balanced and fulfilling life. Click here to learn more.
  8. Social Engagement: Maintain an active social life. Regular interaction with friends and community members can boost your mood and provide a support network. Click here to learn more.
  9. Consistent Sleep Patterns: Ensure adequate and regular sleep. Good sleep hygiene is essential for both physical health and mental clarity. Click here to learn more.

By integrating these “Vital Nine” habits into your lifestyle, you can embark on a journey towards improved health and longevity, complementing your goals with Focus Medical Weight Loss. Remember, it’s about creating a balanced and sustainable lifestyle that nurtures your body and mind.


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